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es and products◆, and sometimes◆ in grand fashion!●Biggest gaming ■trade fair begins i●n Los Ange〓lesBiggest gaming ◆trade fair begins i〓n Los Angele◆s06-16-2016 11:40◆ BJTVideogame fans〓 and players are f○locking to Los● Angeles th●is week for the wor○ld's biggest gaming 〓trade fair. The ●Electronic Entertai●nment Expo, or E◆3, is a chance f〓or develope■

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rs from around th●e world to intr■oduce their upcoming○ games and pr■oducts, and ◆sometimes ○in grand fashion!L●et the games begin! ◆The Electronic〓 Entertainment Expo● 2016, or E3, ●is the mecca of th〓e video gami〓ng industry■ which mean○s, if you love ○gaming, the●re is nowh○ere el

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se y■ou want to be. "G◆ame play is a ◆global phenomenon,● and it's just〓 starting. 〓I mean, it's reall○y a young indu○stry. This is only〓 about the 21st e●dition of E3●. Each one bigger〓, grander an■d getting more atten●tion than t〓he one before,●" said Rich ●Taylor, Ent●ertain

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't come cheap. A● stand on t●he expo floor c●an cost up● to $20 million●, but it's worth○while given the c○aptivated audi●ence and po■tential revenue.&nb〓sp; The crowds◆ here at

E3 ●are incredible. Te■ns of thousands ◆of gamers c●ome from ar●ound the world to ■play the new●est games and try● out the l●atest hardwar◆e. And j

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